Top Flats in Venice · Concierge organized three levels of concierge services to enable you to choose the appropriate level for your needs. Some tourists do not need any assistance, others want to receive information, while others want to be followed with additional care and detail. The choice therefore depends on your interests and desires for your Venice holiday. does not provide concierge services directly but connects its customers with selected specialists.

Our decision has originated from our desire to provide you the best organizational resources available in Venice, does not make any profit margin by offering access to concierge service. The concierge services are divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold. To view the description of each level of service please, visit the specific section on our website.

During the booking process you will be asked to choose your preferred concierge level, Bronze level is included by default where as Silver and Gold must need to be specifically selected. If you select Silver or Gold after booking process you will be contacted by a specialist who will assist you as requested. Payment of the concierge service is carried out separately from the payment of the apartment, but always with a credit card.