Top Flats in Venice · Silver Concierge
With the Silver Concierge service the customer has access to the hotel reception desk to purchase products or services such as drinks, room service, and more, accessing the Internet for free with Wi-Fi connection and free landline calls in Italy. Furthermore, with the Silver concierge you receive advice by telephone and email to assist you in organizing your holiday. The Silver service provides no onsite activity but gives only useful information. This information is related to logistics and transport for the arrival, guided walking tours to Venice, visits to museums, art galleries and private palaces, guided natural and historic visits in the Venetian lagoon, theatres, concerts, restaurants, gondolas, tours by boat sail or motor, chef, maid service, private dining in Venetian historic palaces, cooking classes, visits to the inland Venetian Villas, shopping guide and news on how to organize your daily needs like shopping, cleaning, babysitting, taxi and much more.

You also get specific or general information on what happens in Venice during the days of your stay but there is no activity on behalf of the customer, in other words the specialist will not make reservations or calls for you. The Silver concierge service costs € 20 and the related information to use this service are provided by email after purchasing the product directly to the specialist. recommends this level to people who would like to organize their holiday in Venice and need information to do so.